Sunday, June 29, 2014

Like a caption, but without pictures!

So for the past week I've been feverishly working on a CYOA\rpg, and I thought I'd post an excerpt  If you're familiar with Corruption of Champions, that's a lofty example of what I'm shooting for here. The premise is a pretty familiar one in tg fiction - your character has been abducted and is being slowly feminization at a school that specializes in that sort of thing (complete with school uniforms, of course). Make friends! Wear dresses! Try to escape, maybe? Read it and leave a comment!

Julie warns you not to run, but there's no way you're going to sit here and take whatever is in those syringes. You fly out the door while she's still walking her way across the room and begin running pell-mell through the halls, the hard soles of your mary janes tapping wildly. 

You take the first turn you can find and nearly collide with a tall, tan woman in a well-tailored pantsuit. As you cry out an apology you find you're being gently guided away from your destination and toward the floor. By the time you realize what's happening you've been mounted, and she finds a nice place where the wall meets the floor to wedge your face and holds you there until the doctor catches up with you. 

"Ah, I see you've met our newest student. Melissa, this is Ms. Nielson."

"I'm sure she's charmed. What's the charge?" Adds Ms. Nielson, grinding your nose in a little more.

"Plotting escape. Can you believe it? Right before my eyes." 

"Ahhhhh." She leans in close, close enough that you can feel her breath on your neck. "Is that what you want, little girl? A way out of here? Because we can arrange that." 

The hand that isn't controlling your head wanders up your skirt, and you make an involuntary squeek as she roughly grabs your butt through your thin cotton panties. "Plump up that butt, give you a nice big pair of fake tits, and send you off with the rest of the rejects? Does that sound better, pussy?"

"N-no, please" you stammer into the wall, desperately writhing under her grip.

She releases her grip on your neck just long enough to grab you by the hair, and wrenches you into a sitting position before the doctor.

"Then apologize to Dr. Lenore for not taking your punishment like a good girl." 

You start to murmur, but Ms. Nielson yanks again on your scalp.

Tears forming in your eyes, you kneel before her and beg. "I'm sorry..."

The hand holding your hair twists tighter. "For what?"

"I'm sorry for not taking my punishment like a good girl." The strength goes out of you as you speak those words, but Ms. Nielson releases her grip on your hair - it feels worth it.

The doctor cocks her head slightly at you. "To be honest, I was hoping you'd run - there are a few things I've been wanting to try..." 

Cowed and beaten, the best you can do is stay limp as she steps forward with the needle...

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